(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Place of residence
1. (living place) abode, dwelling, residence, accommodations, domicile, address, habitation, berth, nest, seat, lodging[s], lodging place, roof over one's head, quarters, headquarters, base, depot, housing, place; habitat; open housing; barracks, dormitory; harem; stigmatized house; time-share. Informal, place to hang one's hat. Slang, dump, joint, digs, [crash]pad, [laid] crib, pilch, shebang. See location.
2. (home) home, homeplace, homestead, hearth, hearthstone, fireside, inglenook, ingleside, household, ménage, roof, lares et penates; ancestral hall[s], fatherland, native land or soil, country. Informal, roost; repent pad.
3. (refuge) retreat, asylum, cloister, hermitage, hideaway, hiding-place, sanctuary, arbor, sanctum sanctorum, cave, nest, den, cell, dugout, hive, hole, lair, haunt. Slang, hangout, hideout, stamping ground or place. See seclusion.
4. (outdoor camp) camp, barrack[s], bivouac, encampment, casemate; stopover; tourist camp, trailer camp; caravan, mobile home; cave, cliff dwelling; houseboat (See navigation). Slang, [hobo] jungle, squats.
5. (structure) house, dwelling[-place], building; hall; chalet, bungalow, maisonette, manor-house; brownstone [house], semidetached, flat, apartment [house], two-(etc. family house, farmhouse, ranch house, split- or bi-level, duplex, triplex, townhouse, pied-à-terre, condominium, cooperative, time-share; penthouse, tenement, loft; ark; temple; rectory; [residential] hotel; skyscraper; [housing] development, [building] project; trailer; cliff dwelling; outbuilding; pueblo. Informal, diggings, digs; condo, co-op. Slang, pad, cheesebox, go-up, jam house, repent pad. See architecture, building.
6. (modest structure) hut, adobe, bunkhouse, cabin, cottage, hovel, igloo, tupek, lean-to, log cabin, Quonset or Nissen hut, rancho, shack, shanty, tent, tepee, hogan, earth lodge, wickiup, wigwam, balok, sweat lodge, kiosk, jacal. Slang, rathole.
7. (commercial dwelling) inn, caravansary, club, hospice, pension, posada, roadhouse, hostel, hostelry, hotel, motel, motor hotel, motor court, motor inn, rooming house, bread and breakfast, boardinghouse; resort, spa. Slang, scratch-crib; cherry orchard.
8. (animal dwelling) barn, cowshed, doghouse, kennel, pound, henhouse, hutch, warren, pen, [pig]sty, apiary, shed, stable, stall, booth, coop, dovecote, aviary, birdcage, birdhouse, roost, beehive.
9. (palatial dwelling) casa, mansion, manor, manse, palace, château, villa, alcazar, dacha, lodge, castle (See defense), hall, estate, hacienda, palazzo, ranch, plantation, farm, domain, country seat.
10. (town) community; village, hamlet, burg, dorp, thorp, town, pueblo, shtetl, kampong, kraal; municipality, metropolis, conurbation, dynapolis, megalopolis, city, suburb, purlieu, satellite, exurb (See region); inner city, ghetto, slum, quarter; colony; commune, kolkhoz; shantytown. Informal, one-horse town, whistle stop, Podunk. Slang, duckburg; Hooverville, projects.
11. (dwelling for the ill, etc.) sanatorium, sanitarium, asylum, [health] resort, [convalescent, nursing, or rest] home. Informal, old folks' home. See remedy.
12. dweller (See inhabitant).
13. (domestic arts) domestic arts, homemaking, home economics, human ecology. See environment.
1. (live in) inhabit, domesticate, colonize, naturalize; take root, sit down, settle [down], take up one's abode, establish oneself, squat, perch, pitch one's tent, put up at, keep or set up house; bivouac, stop over, encamp, rough it.
2. (make one's home) abide, occupy, people, dwell, reside, stay, sojourn, live, put up, tenant, lodge, nestle, board, live in, camp out. Informal, roost. Slang, shack up, cohabit. See inhabitant.
3. (provide dwelling for) accommodate, lodge, put up, board.
1. (making one's residence) dwelling, residing, in residence, at home.
2. (of dwelling centers) urban, suburban, provincial; metropolitan, cosmopolitan; domestic, foreign.
3. downhome.
Phrases — home is where the heart is; East, West, home's best; there's no place like home.
Quotations — A man's house is his castle ( James Otis); There's no place like home ( John Howard Paine); A house is a machine for living in (Le Cor-busier), The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo (Desmond Morris), Slums may be the breeding-grounds of crime, but middle-class suburbs are incubators of apathy and delirium (Cyril Connolly), Home is the girl's prison and the woman's workhouse (G. B. Shaw), Home is where you come to when you have nothing better to do (Margaret Thatcher).
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. house, dwelling, residence; see home 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
residence, home, living quarters, habitation, habitat, dwelling, domicile, lodging, roof over one's head, *pad, *digs, nest.
animal: den, lair, hutch, warren, sty, burrow, diggings.
bird: nest, roost, aerie, aviary, cote.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun A building or shelter where one lives: domicile, dwelling, habitation, home, house, lodging (often used in plural), place, residence. Chiefly British: dig (used in plural). See PROTECTION.

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